New!!  Playcamp online 2015.

Running from June 4 to June 20, playcamp will be your premier opportunity to  learn how to use games for work and education leveraging distributed environments.  For updates join the meetup group at meetup.com/agile3d.

Need to learn agile project management?  Have you had a class but need more practice?  Come join the “Agile MOOC” – an online class designed to deepen your new or existing agile skills.   For an extra fee you can claim formal certification credit for your work.

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Enroll in our learning system, and watch most of the training videos for free, and pay a fraction of the traditional cost and earn formal credit. We align with concepts form XP, Kanban, Lean, Scrum and Scaling Agile. Your coursework will fit in perfectly with the ICAgile training roadmap. As an endorsed partner with the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile) we can round out or jump start your journey with an ICAgile Professional certification, so you can open up many electives in the specialty roles of your choosing. There are many great certification programs. But this one helps you organize your lifelong learning. Come add the ICP letters after your name!

Our Agile learning material also helps you maintain your existing certifications by granting PMI Class B PDUs and Class C SEUs. It also gives you Agile training hours you will need to take your PMI-ACP exam. AgileBill, the designer, has the ‘grand slam’ of Agile certifications – usually at the second or advanced level – SPC, CSP, PMI-ACP, IGQI, and ICE-A. But he’s also learning to teach better by pursuing a certificate in online teaching, and his Master’s degree in Education Technology.

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You may not like our courses. Many people do well in the face to face format. All our courses are online. However, they are optimized for the online format based on careful study of best practices since 2009.

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