Teaching Agile in 3D – to save you money

Need to save money?  Shorten product delivery cycle time?  Improve Quality or Customer Satisfaction?

Agile software development is a combination of techniques that are designed to do just that.  Some the techniques can apply beyond software projects as well.  Scrum, for example, is an agile project mangement method that works beyond software.  Lean is a way to optimize many processes.

So why another Agile website?  There are a decent number of gurus already.  But what’s different is the word ‘dimensions’.  We teach in 3D.  In addition to tradtional face to to face instruction, we offer immersive distance learning – not just to save airfare, but to provide a richer experience.  Students will grasp more, develop better networks, foster deeper understanding, and retain more so they can truely leverage what they have discovered.  We use modern pedagogical techniques to serve students with diverse learning styles.

But it’s not just style.  Bill Krebs, our principal consultant, has 25 years of experience as a programmer geek, performance engineer, and consultant.  He’s taught over 1,050 engineers and managers at IBM and beyond.  No matter what pain you feel, he can relate and advise.

Investing in training is more important now than ever.  If you’re with a company you have to improve to continue to save cost.  If you’re transitioning between jobs you need to update your skills to triumph in the next step of your career.

How can Agile Dimensions Help Your Business?

What?  You’re education budget has been slashed?  You have no travel budget?  AgileDimensions offers cost effective training with you in mind.  So, contact us for your choice of classes!

  • Free 2 hour Primer (such as Agile 101)
  • Private course  (any length you want – 3 hours to 3 days!)
  • Private consulting
  • Certified Scrum Master Training

For further information and detailed information about training and pricing, simply contact AgileBill@AgileDimensions.com.

Did I say 3D?  No.  It’s really 4D.