Agile Journey Index

The Agile Journey Index by AgileBill Krebs helps teams learn, adopt, and asses their methodology. The concept is to give you a framework you can modify with your own questions, but to give you a standard or solid start.

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The wide scale of one to 10 avoids data clumping together that may hide nuances. Like wide-band delphi, we want to spread the responses out.

Each score has specific criteria, and is given in a certain order. You have to do the basics before getting credit for advanced scores.

To get the top score, you have to have both a peer and a coach agree on your adoption of a given practice. Think of it as a thesis defense. This also promotes cross team sharing of process knowledge.

For an introductory slide deck and a spreadsheet you can use, see our premium content area.

The questions are grouped into three categories. Plan, Do, and Wrap (such as demos and retrospectives). See the premium page for a spreadsheet you can use as well as the intro slide deck.

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