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Got projects? Try our online course: A3d-501 – Agile Foundations I. Begin your journey towards Agile certification and Mastery today.

Why Agile?
Agile project management has been helping teams organize projects for over 10 years. By recognizing changing market pressures, it provides a formal structure to turn change into your advantage. This course, Part I in the series, focuses on the practical steps you need to know to get your project done. Many projects improve their quality, cycle time, and customer satisfaction when they gain proficiency in Agile techniques.

You will learn

  • How to better understand who you customer really is
  • How to understand what to build
  • How to plan an entire project
  • How to plan a 2 week milestone
  • How to prioritize and estimate your work
  • How to monitor progress so you can take action of something goes wrong
  • How to gather and use feedback to improve your project and process
  • How to chose which Agile method is best for the size of project you face – from Kanban for small teams to Scrum for medium sized teams, to Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework(tm) for large projects.

Get Certified!
You will master core concepts, that combined with Part II of this course, will grant you an ICAgile Professional ICP certification. The material will also help with your studies for the PMI-ACP(R) certification exam.

About the Course Designer and Instructor
AgileBill Krebs holds the grand slam of Agile Certifications (advanced certs in four branches: SPC, CSP, PMI-ACP, and ICE-AC). Bill has taught over 2,000 people worldwide. He combines over 20 years of IT experience, Agile experience since 2001, 11 certifications, and formal training in education to give you the best possible insights.

Ready to start?

  1. Click the course: Agile Foundations I – getting things DONE!.
  2. Visit the Distributed Agile Study Group for some optional live discussions.
  3. Enjoy the free lectures, or signup for the entire course.

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