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It’s hard to learn on your own. We could sit by ourselves and read books. If you can do that, bravo! But for some of use we learn though discussion. To that end we host live sessions to discuss leading edge ideas in project management and agile software development, as methods and tools to leverage global talent. It’s more than a user group. We structure our talks to support our ongoing learning.

We have two main ways to participate (for free of course, no cost). You can watch the Agile Wtiness News(tm) recordings, and you can also participate in the live discussions. Here are some ways you can join the discussion for our Distributed Agile Study Group (A3DASG (TM))

Of particular interesting is our Agile Witness News(tm) program. Thanks to the Support of TEK Systems (who has an entire branch of Agile coaching services), and Reaction Grid (makers of the JIBE immersive platform), we host 8 Agile Witness News Episodes per year with leading Agile gurus. To make the show different than other great webcast you can already see, we host our events in one of the many collaboration platforms in our Agile Business Park(tm). Don’t worry if you can’t attend. We record them.

See for some great episodes with Grady Booch (IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, IBM Fellow, and Jolly Good Fellow), Kenny Rubin, Gil Broza, Bob Galen, and many more covering Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework(tm) (SAFe(tm)), Agile Testing, teamwork, and more! I’m excited about both ways to learn because I feel it fosters a peer to to peer learning model.

We value high bandwith communication. This is often face to face. I feel it’s easier to do business with you after we have met in person, often over a meal. But realistically, that is the minority of our encounters – especially between companies, but even inside one enterprise. That is why we bite the bullet to try new tools for distributed teams. Not because they are easy, but because they are needed. In fact, we believe remote working will become a first class citizen. (if it’s not already!)

See ya online! …. AgileBill



We enjoy the high bandwidth communication afforded by face to face work and meetings. No audio hassles. Drop in any time. But in reality most teams are distributed. And who doesn’t work with people from other companies, cities, or nations?

The obvious solution for this is to point our webcams at ourselves and stream bytes of our smiling faces. Yet this takes a lot of bandwidth, and is missing some key information. What does it mean when we sit across from each other? What if we sit side by side? What if we sit in a circle?

Virtual World technology offers some promising alternatives to death by slideware. Use these environments to

  1. Choose the right platform from many that provide a more engaging and immersive interaction and programmable objects
  2. Create a space that fosters your workflow (Andragons)
  3. Learn faaster with a sense of self and others (Agency)

Cutting edge professional instructors are using these environment for impactful training and education. The Agile Business Park(tm) lists these courses, let’s you try the platorms, and offers you advice on which may suite your needs, as well as ways to jump start your ideas. The industry changes quickly, so keep an eye on this page to learn the latest bottom line analysis. Our Agile3d Atlas ™ gives you a visual overview at a glance. You are welcome to visit many of these worlds in the Agile Business Park ™. Check with AgileBill for which tools apply best for your needs.