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Agile Journey Index update

I’ve published a new version of the Agile Journey Index. It now lets both teams and programs assess their next steps and opportunities in Agile Project Management and Software Engineering. It also adds an optional Kaji badge(tm) system to provide ‘gamificaiton’ style motivation and a quick visual dashboard about which teams are at what level, and why.

Refer to our Agile Journey Index page for a presentation, draft book, and spreadsheet. The system is based on over 12 years of experience in Agile coaching and metrics.

So read up, use or tweak, and watch your teams improve. Contact Bill for information on how to use the badge system to reward your teams.



Sept 27, 28, Conference on Disability

Panel at VAI
2013 International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference

Watch live Friday and Saturday
for the 2013 Virtual Ability International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference. 5 PhDs and 7 other speakers cover issues of concern for people with disabilities and their families.

I have always found their events to be inspiring, both in terms of use of virtual worlds and also making a better life for people with disabilities, and those who care for them. It’s the minority we can all Join! Many of us also have family members affected with some of these conditions, ranging from hearing loss to MS.

The group organizing this event, Virtual Ability, Inc. is structured as a non profit organization under US tax law. In my 5 years of virtual living I have always found their work to be the most amazing.

Hat’s off to MetaverseTV for covering this event. For more information see and

You can donate 20 bucks via Paypal at their site if you like – totally optional – it’s more about the info.

The event starts around 8:30am Pacific with the keynote speaker – “Play to the Strengths: Accessible Fun and Learning for All Children” – Dr. Leticia De León