Welcome to the Distributed Agile Study Group™.  Our goal is to sharpen our skills through practice in the context of today’s distributed teams.

Along the way we learn Agile, earn and maintain our certifications, and support each other in our career development.  We have open discussions one Thursday per month (Evenings US times).

Agile Foundations

In Fall 2015 the series focuses on Agile Foundations.  Our sessions and labs follow the ICAgile curricula so you can credits for events that interest you, or complete a set for formal certification.   Here’s a checklist of what you need to know.

    1. Our Schedule – on Meetup.
    2. Live Venue – our discussions are held in Sococo at  Distributed Agile team space – Hands Room.
    3. Blank Portfolio – our blank workbook, or “Learning Portfolio” will get you started in the course. E-mail Bill for your copy after you enroll by paying.
    4. Example Portfolio – These notes from past sessions will give you some ideas for your own portfolio. [Bill to add link to PDF]
    5. Videos – Pointers to Recorded lessons for this course are included in your workbook. You can see some examples from our Udemy based short course. You may also want to see our videos on distributed teams and our bonus videos

Follow on Steps – Graduates are invited to build their experience by assisting with future courses. That’s a grate way to advance your skill, and to show practical experience on your resume.


Course – AD501 – Agile Foundations I (for ICP Certification)

Saturday Week Subject
8/15/2015 I – 1 Including Customers and Users
8/22/2015 I – 2 Product Adaptation
8/29/2015 I – 3 Planning and Adapting
9/ 5/2015 Recess / enrollment
9/12/2015 II – 4 Incremental Development
9/19/2015 II – 5 Work-in-progress (WIP) + Quality
9/26/2015 II – 6 Creating Shared Understanding
10/3/2015 Recess / enrollment
10/10/2015 III – 7 Shift in Roles +Distributed Teams I
10/17/2015 III – 8 Process & Project Adaptation
10/24/2015 III – 9 Culture & Mindset & History

About ICAgile

We follow the ICAgile curricula. It covers Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean concepts like many other popular courses, but allows instructors more latitude in using new ideas for training. The requirements have been vetted by top industry experts, and each course and teacher must be reviewed before being allowed to issue credit. We are proud to say our Agile Foundations class has been approved to grand you ICAgile Professional credits and the ICP certification. Other certifications have similar content, but different certification letters. Bill usually finds some repetition helpful to see fresh views and to let the material soak in better with repletion. What sets this course apart is the emphasis on hands on doing rather than lecture.

You can read more about the ICAgile programs on their ICAgile website.

What you need

  • Warning- games ahead! We use a variety of games for some of our assignments. You will need to spend $27 USD for one of these. Yes, you get to buy Minecraft!
  • Earbuds or a USB headset to eliminate voice feedback from your speakers.
  • A good internet connection – 10 mbs down and 1 mbps up is okay (as measured by SpeedTest.Net (don’t click the ads). Too many wireless hops may have a chance of dropping some packets so voices will sound robotic.
  • Business English – we will deliver this course in voice (and text) using English, but promise to go light on cultural idioms. We value our world’s diversity so speak so everyone is comfortable in class.


Cost – there are three modules in the Agile Foundations / ICP series (Requirements, Planning, and Teamwork).  Each of these spans 3 weeks and is priced at $55 USD.  Take only the topics that interest you.  But you can earn your formal ICP certification for an extra fee as follows:Take all 3 modules (combo of live and recorded lessons)

  • Complete 14 hours of study,
  • Demonstrate evidence of ‘intent to learn’ by sharing your a learning portfolio.
  • Paying the $144 USD graduation fee.

In consideration for the enhanced value of this class compared to similar offerings, we need to you complete some course evaluations for Bill’s graduate research homework. Thank you!


If you’re an Agile Coach or Training and interested in licensing some of our course materials or approach please contact AgileBill.

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