Welcome VWBPE Tour MOOC

We will host 3 sessions. All tours will begin at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)

We will use join.me for our backbone for text chat so we don’t get lost during the tour.
Just click http://join.me/agiledimensions to find us.

Our 3d avatars will also gather in Second Life at the University of Washington’s Infoville virtual campus.

  1. Tuesday Apr 22 – Visit Sococo
  2. Tuesday Apr 29 – Visit AvayaLive Engagte & Kitely
  3. Tuesday May 06 – Visit Jibe with special guest speaker John “Pathfinder” Lester.

Want slides? Checkout Which World Are You”. But we will also be lucky to have Dr. Valerie Hill speak about libraries digital literacy as well as Zinna speak about branding across platforms.

How to do it

To step into the world of distributed collaboration use these instructions to enter the world of your choice.  We describe

  • join.me – as a common chat and voice bridge
  • Sococo – a two dimensional space
  • AvayaLive Engage – An easy and professional web based platform
  • Kitely – An OpenSim based world with dynamic runtime content.
  • Jibe – A high performance toolkit.

These stops on our tour are all part of the Agile Business Park(tm) provided by Agile Dimensions LLC, proud sponsors of the VWBPE conference since 2010.


Tool Access Notes
join.me URL
Sococo Signup and download
AvayaLive Engage URL
Kitely Signup and download
Jibe URL

1d:  join.me

Will be used for voice communication during the event.
To access simply click http://join.me/agiledimensions.

You can use this tool to simply watch.

Other tools in this category include Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Lync, Adobe Connect, and Goto Meeting.

2d: Sococo

Let use know your e-mail via this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mgx_8JmY6izOee-O5pbLPao0LUbSE23TxCe-zwtZOUk/viewform
and the team will will add you to the VWBPE Sococo space

We will be in the ‘VWBPE’ team space.  Click on the ‘Viewer’ button at the top right and see where all the dot people are!

3d: Avaya Engage

You do not need an ID or password.

Dynamic 3d: Opensim at Kitely

  • Download and install the OpenSim version of the Firestorm viewer:  http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads.  The standard SL viewer from Linden Lab does not know about OpenSim grids such as Kitely.  For mote information see the Kitely documentation.
  • Create an account if you don’t have one by pointing your browser to
    and create an account using Facebook, Twitter, or an e-mail ID.
  • Then enter the public world “Agile Business Park” .  You can see it from a list of public worlds, or just click this link.  Note: Unless someone is already there it will take a minute or so to start up.  (this is cool, and is done to save server processing).  You can also access it from this URL:

3d Toolkit: Jibe

Point your browser to http://agile3d.jibemix.com/jibe/a3dcampusf.html
Type an Avatar name and hit the ‘Start’ button.

Choose a look and click the ‘Enter campus’ button shown on the bottom right.

Move your cursor arrows to walk around!

Other platforms

Some toolkits let you do more to make your own make your own.

We did not cover every virtual world.  Other great ones include

  • Terf from 3dICC (Good for the Enterprise)
  • Protosphere from ProtonMedia (Good for the Enterprise )
  • Open Wonderland (a Java Friendly Toolkit)
  • Other great OpenSim grids including JokaydiaGrid, and SpotOn3d
  • Business Hangouts from Altadyn – which combines Google hangouts with a high performance 3d environment.

Some venues are no longer as available as they had been, including VenueGen, Cloud Party, Twinity, and Blue Mars.

All trademarks are owned b y their respective owners.

Travel Less. Do More.