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Immersive training from Facilitator4hire

Here is another interesting case in teaching in 3d.

I was happy to run into Bob Moir, a top coach from Facilitator4hire. I met him by accident through our online agile series. He works with Janet Danforth, who is a an IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator. That was a new body to me ,but I could instantly see it’s value. Our technical skills apply on specific jobs, but working with people is needed for every job, and does not become obsolete over time. So I looked at the website http://www.iaf-world.org/index.aspx for the International Association of Facilitators and continued to be impressed. Bob has had some amazing roles, including working with Allistir Cockburn of Agile Manifesto fame.

I liked the whole subject area so much I went to a PMI hosted webinar to hear Janet talk. Still good. But what really fascinates me is doing this in a spatial environment – in 3d. My experience since 2009 has been that such venues enhance learning and retention. I was pleased to hear Bob and Janet are doing a class in VenueGen, one of the platforms used by my Agile Business Park. So not only can I get a better learning modality, but I don’t have to drive to Atlanta to take their course. Since they had a special discount I quickly registered to save $500 + more in travel costs. That is a good value for 12 hours over 6 sessions.

I look forward to learning their facilitation content, and also looking at another 3d training use case data point. I would love to see you in class with me. Sign up at or give Bob a call. You’ll find his contact info at their website.

See you in class!

Janet teaching in VenueGen